idiThe Technical Department brings together a multidisciplinary team to take on the projects so that they are completely electro-mechanical, it has 3 workstations for developing its three-dimensional designs with SOLIDWORK 2010, and design project management using WORK PDM, as well as 2 workstations for electrical design using the ELCAD 7 programme from AUCOTEC..

All this coupled with the powerful internal interconnection network between computers and the ease provided by the design packages used, our projects from teams that are "geographically dispersed" can manage product data, share design information, automate workflows and improve collaboration between developers and production managers.

R & D Strategy

R + D + I are constantly evolving along with the maintenance department. The R & D department aims to create improvements in the process as well as to carry out research and development operations for the demands placed on them by the industry:  this makes the whole company work together in the development of products that are specific to each client.

The most significant points of the R & D plan are: Innovation, Technology, Evolution, Safety and Future.





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